Vittoria Casanova

Vittoria Casanova Investment Program Manager at INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

Vittoria Casanova

Vittoria has been working at INDEX: Design to Improve Life® since 2015 and works within the organization’s Investment Team.

She is responsible for the research and development of the all initiatives related to the Investment program.

INDEX’s ‘Design to Improve Life Investment’ program is an acceleration program that works with design entrepreneurs and impact investors in realizing sustainable solutions to global challenges, through training, accessing capital and broadening networks.

Vittoria is the first-point-of entry for all international designers and leads on scouting the newest innovations tackling global challenges. She researches the latest trends and nominates them for upcoming INDEX Award 2017.

Being a trained designer, Vittoria is best tasked with communicating, coordinating and responding to specific and differing needs of designers who become a vital part of the INDEX: Design to Improve Life® family.

She is currently leading on a data analysis project with Boston Consulting Group of all design solutions that have entered past INDEX Awards to determine company valuations and prove that there is value in design companies that are not only making healthy profits, but making a positive impact in the world.

Originally from Italy, she holds a BA in Product Design from NABA, Design Academy in Milan and she has a MA in Design Management at Business School, Il Sole 24 ORE, Milan.

Vittoria has a strong interest in the cross-sections of design, entrepreneurship and social behavior.

She believes good ideas have the power to change the world and she’s curious about exploring different mindsets and cultures through traveling, talking, reading and eating.

Her biggest inspiration comes from the different stories about people and she’s always inspired by how people with scarce resources can achieve amazing outcomes.