Arctic Design MISH MASH 23rd  – 24th February

It is time to visit Santa Claus home cave, have drinks listening to jazz at the Arctic center and take part at the world’s first design event that takes place in an arctic military area

MISH MASH is a contemporary seminar taking place during Arctic Design Week. This is NOT your standard seminar. For us MISH MASH is an assortment of delicious opportunities to create new business models, ideas and relationships all while meeting the Arctic surroundings face-to-face.  It is a platform for Arctic stories business development and matchmaking. Come and be inspired to take successful business to a new level. Don’t be the one that misses out!

MISH MASH day 1 – Thursday 23rd Feb, 9-17

Venue: SantaPark

The seminar language is English.

Morning session:
How to design a better customer experience?
Special target group: Arctic tourism

Registration & coffee (8:15)

Julius Oförsagd (9:00)
Introduction to the theme: Design in the transportation process

Outi Rantala, University of Lapland
Starter: Future of the Arctic tourism

Susanna Koutonen
Case: SnowCastle Kemi
How to win the gold medal in tourism industry?

Miikka Niemi, Flatlight Creative House
Case: Fiskars
How to use VR-technology in nature & tourism experience?

Mikko Kuitunen, Vincit Oy
How to lead the digitalization process?

Arne Kvorning, Kvorning Design and Kommunication
How to create and design experiences in exhibitions?

Bruce Oreck
How to serve customers well and tell the right stories?


Afternoon session:
NKS #7 Architecture matters: in Finland
Hosted by Nordkalott symposium

City Architect Tarja Outila 
Moderator & introduction to the theme

Architect Aaro Artto, APRT Oy

Architect Emma Johansson, StudioPuisto Oy


Architect Janne Pihlajaniemi, M3 Architects & Professor of Architecture at Oulu School of Architecture

Architect Ilkka Salminen, Verstas –arkkitehdit


End of Afternoon Session (17:00)


During the afternoon:
Arctic Design Week Sparring sessions

Face-to-face sparring workshops for a limited number of local companies. Themes: Industrial & Service Design, Customer Experience and Digitalization.

More information here.

Additional: After the seminar a guided safari through Santapark and the Arctic circle tourist destination, is available at own cost (pre-order needed)

Arctic Design MISH MASH MATCHMAKING – Thursday 23rd Feb

Arktikum, 19-22

Food, drinks, music.
An opportunity to connect with others.
Awarding the Arctic Design Company of the year.

MISH MASH day 2 – Friday 24th Feb, 8-17

Army base in Sodankylä

On Friday we will come face-to-face with the Arctic surroundings. Through a mixture of inside and outside sessions, located at the army base of Sodankylä, we will be lead into the heart of the Arctic nature. An experience unlike any other design seminar. This is MISH MASH.

The seminar language is English.

Morning session:

Transportation (7:30)
From Rovaniemi Bus station to the Army base in Sodankylä

Arriving to Sodankylä 9:15

Receiving the equipments & coffee 

Welcoming words 

CASE: The SlopeX
How to create a new kind of concept by using design thinking?

Janne Regelin, Skiiot
How to connect arctic life, new technology and design?

Katariina Imporanta, Puisto
CASE: Arctic Super Foods
How to build an arctic brand for the international market?

Vittoria Casanova, Index 
How can we design in sustainable way?

Afternoon session:
Let’s find some new business opportunities and cooperation!
How do we export our Arctic know how?

Lunch + Testing Environment 

Cooperation Lapland Regional Council and University of Lapland
How to mix different industries and find new business opportunities?

Timo Iivari, hasan & partners 
How we export our Arctic know how?

Panel Discussion – How we export our knowledge?
Moderator: Tuija Seipell
Aleksi Autti, Arctic Drilling Company

Sanna Kärkkäinen, Visit Rovaniemi
Maxim Narbrough, Ilahu boards/Treeform

Returning the equipments 

Transportation (16:00)
From Sodankylä to Rovaniemi Bus station

Arriving to Rovaniemi Bus station about 18:00

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