Arctic Transition - how do we improve living and business, and how can we be prepared for the change in the Arctic.


How can we design our Arctic environment and business better? How do we respond to the changes in the Arctic and how can we use design as a tool in that process?


Arctic Design Week MISH MASH is a new format to make a seminar. Actually, it’s not a seminar. It’s a platform for arctic stories, business development and matchmaking. It’s something what you don’t wanna miss.


Our mission is to develop and raise the awareness of arctic culture, wellbeing and business opportunities through design thinking and methods.

Welcome to the world’s most northern design week in Rovaniemi, Lapland

The week brings together professionals in the field of design to discuss possibilities and future of Arctic Design together with businesses and citizens. ADW presents design talks and workshops, design exhibitions, pop-up design shops and restaurants, an arctic fashion show and a number of other events. The week creates food for thought and soul.

The Arctic Design Week is organised by the City of Rovaniemi and Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency, The University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design in co-operation with Science centre Pilke, Arktikum, Korundi and various business partners.